A Blog to help you manage your Critical Research for Unit Five (2734)

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Critical Research - 2734

This Blog is your essential tool-kit for the A2 Critical Research Paper.

The unit assesses your ability to independently research, investigate and analyse a media topic and present the findings.

You will research in depth ONE media topic from the list of topics in the right hand sidebar. The nature of the research is intended to be one of active investigation into the areas of audience and industry research as well as of academic and critical perspectives, from which you can develop an independent critical response.

The examination is 2 hours long and there are two questions on each topic. You will be required to answer both questions on your chosen topic.

You can take 4 sides of A4 research notes, hand-written by youself , into the examination; these must be submitted with your examination script.

This unit is to be undertaken by YOU as individual and independent work, with the teacher in the role of supervisor only.

However, if you use this blog, and set up one of your own, you should have no trouble managing your research and doing brilliantly in this exam. Happy blogging!